my thunderstorm

About Me

Arden | 33 | they/them
cancer sun | aquarius moon | leo rising

In another life, I'd like to believe that I had the soul of a writer. You could often find my scribbling poetry scraps in my notebooks, my nose buried in a book, people-watching on the bus. My ears and heart were always full of music - the soundtrack to my composition. But over time, I feel like those creative muscles have slackened. It's hard to look out my window with the same awe that I used to hold whether. This is magic that I want back.

Let's make some magic together.


  • Cartoons
  • Makeup
  • Reading
    • Magical Realism, Comics, Cozy Romance, Light Fantasy
  • Tarot
  • Videogames
    • Visual Novels, JRPG, Simulation, Inventory Management, Puzzle/Mystery


  • Playing the Sims 4 with a new legacy challenge
  • Chipping away at little website updates
  • Trying to post consistent makeup photography on IG

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